Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sparrow Tattoo Symbolism

Sparrow Tattoo

Symbolic Sparrow meaning:, Joy, Inclusion, Creativity, Simplicity, Protection, Community, Productivity, Friendliness

We can often take the little Sparrow for granted - even though she is small, she is certainly powerful. It is her little size that gives her many advantages. 
From the sparrow we can learn that to be important you do not have to have the biggest and best, and that we do not always have to have loud and boisterous to be heard.

Sparrows gain power and protection in numbers. Always in a large group, they move about in groups, eat in groups, and feel safest and most content in groups. This is intimidating to many would-be predators. The Sparrow teaches us there can be safety in numbers.

The Sparrow is always vigilant of his goals. She is always working for her food, foraging and building her nests, and gathering food for her babies. She is Fastidious and productive, the Sparrow reminds us  that idle hands/minds should be avoided and this will ensure we live a full, healthy life.

She is a masterful in flight, and camouflage for this reason the Sparrow can teach us to use our creativity  in life - try thinking outside the box, and be creative problem solvers.

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