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Lion Tattoo Symbolism

Symbolic Lion Tattoo Ideas

Lions are Symbolic of: Strength, Courage, Purity, Honesty, Loyalty, Protection, Nobility, Integrity, Power, Authority, Bravery

In Egypt, two lions shown together 'back to back' symbolize East meeting West; sunrise and sunset. 
In Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, China and Japan large statues of lions are erected in front of temples and sacred places, as the lion has very protective qualities.
Also Lions symbolize guardianship.

Roman Myth:
Associate Lions with love. As a masculine, strong sexual kind of love they are also connected to amorous deities such as Cybele, Aphrodite/Venus and Dionysus/Bacchus.

In Christianity the lion is a symbol of God used as a visual icon of power and justice. 

Buddha and Krishna are linked to the lion because of their radiating energy, golden aura, security, wisdom, and knowledge on a spiritual level.

The lion is the zodiac animal symbol that represents the sign of Leo. Ruled by the sun. It is the fifth sign of the zodiac an adventurous, high-spirited energy. Also seen as Intelligent, shrewd, exuberant and savvy  Many natural leaders are born under the sign of Leo.

The red lion is symbolic of sulfur which is the masculine principle along with all it's assertive qualities. A green lion symbolizes the beginning of alchemical work, and feminine and lunar qualities. Two lions together in an alchemical light represents a harmonious relationship between male and female. Two lions can also represent the dual nature of Mercury : symbolic of quicksilver and the unification of opposites.

 Chinese Symbolism:
Protection, guardian, luck, strength and expedited power. Pictured with an orb, the lion symbolizes celestial relationships between the earth and sun as well as the interplay between life and nature. Tattooed with different flowers, the lion symbolizes balance between fragility and strength as well and shows recognition of feminine wisdom.

Lions are solar animals signifying sun-like qualities such as:
 Brilliance, Vitality, Life, Expansion, Dominion

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