Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hourglass Tattoo Symbolism

Hourglass Symbolism

Meaning behind the hourglass: Time, Balance, Transience, Temporal/Temporary, Cycles, Inevitability, Life/Death, Nature

We are always waiting for things to come, the hourglass is a reminder whatever you happen to be going through it too shall pass as change is inevitable.

An hourglass symbolizes the balance of the Universe.

Alchemists pictured the top half of the hourglass as the sky and lower half as the earth. Energy passing  between the two expressing a feeling of balance, duality, and the never ending cycles of life passing  experiences between the mundane and ethereal.

Hourglasses also represent the Divine Feminine and how we can receive power through the female cycles of life. From young woman/child to mother to old lady .........

The hourglass reveals two triangles: expressing the endless dance between polarity such as the yin/yang, light/dark, creation/destruction, moon/sun

To someone serving life in prison - no parole the hourglass tattoo signifies the inevitability of his situation. The tattoo indicates the unchangeable truth of the future. There is only time.

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