Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chakra Animal Tattoos

Chakra Animals and their Symbolic Meanings

There is a symbolic chakra animal living within each of the prime power centers. Animals are endlessly meaningful in their messages, personalities and meanings and Chakras serve as a phenomenal reference for the circuitry, or pattern of human energy.

Using the symbolism of the chakras combined with their animals and their colours puts astoundingly effective tools in our hands for growth and healing.

ChakraColorAnimal SymbolAnimal AttributesAnimal Message
RootRedElephantCharges through blockages. Protects. Remembers. Loves closeness. Social. Effective.I provide
SacralOrange CrocodileEncourages creativity. Balances. Goes deep and resurfaces. Changeable.I develop
Solar PlexusYellowRamMotivates. Determination. Will. Expansive power.I recharge
HeartGreenAntelopeInspires. Tenderness. Leaps over pettiness. Grace.I share
Purifies. Communicates. Mastery. Harmonizes.I express
Third EyeIndigoBlack AntelopeExplore inner realms. Journeying. Trust. Vision. Truth.I guide
CrownVioletEggPotential. Purity. Limitlessness. AscensionI reveal

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