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Dog Tattoo Symbolism

Symbolic Dog Tattoo Meanings

Dog symbolism: 
Confidence, Loyalty, Strength, Community, Friendship, Obedience, Protection, Courage, Intelligence ,Guidance, Determination, Faithfulness, Perception, Community, Guardianship, Teamwork

Whether your getting a Dog tattoo in memorial or for love a special companion there are also many symbolic reasons for getting a Dog tattoo. 

Dogs are depicted as sentinels to the gateways of the Otherworlds. In many ancient cultures such as the  Egyptians,Celts, Romans and many others, the dog is seen as a spiritual guide, ally and companion during the time the human soul is moving between earth and heaven. 

Shamanic and celtic wisdom sees the dog with the powers of the forest and also as keen, wilderness guides. Strong and steadfast leading you through the dark and mystical, the dog is an excellent guide. Dogs are terrific companions on all all journeys, spiritual, physical and emotional.

Asian symbolism represents the dog as good luck.

Chinese symbolism links the dog to prosperity, good fortune, obedience and friendliness.  Aquarius in the Chinese zodiac is represented as a dog with a friendly disposition, philanthropic, empathic and very well-liked.

Dogs can be associated with both moon and sun qualities.
As a moon associated creature, the dog represents becoming harmonious with the shadows in our life. Moon dogs represent allowing yourself to become untamed, howl at the moon. Make love in the moonlight.  A moon dog could also represent the need to break out of conformity.

Sun dogs represent vitality, strength and courage. Dogs associated with the sun also symbolize bright self-expression and clear communication. Many cultures have used dogs in aiding with agriculture, and in war and battle

The colour:
 White dogs symbolize purification, clarity, virtue and stamina.
Red dogs symbolize virility also victory in personal battles.
Black dogs can be representative of the baying hounds of Hecate, who in myth and legends is the goddess of shadows. Black dogs are also considered 'shadow-riders' who are unafraid to walk boldly into dark places and as such are seen as protection and guard dogs.

Dogs are also considered animal healers and are ssociated with the sacred waters in Celtic mythology that offer healing and cleansing powers.

Dogs are seen with Asclepius and important and powerful ancient Greek physician, and in many cultures, dogs were believed to have great healing powers as dogs were seen tending to there own wounds by licking  them with remarkable healing results. 

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