Sunday, March 4, 2012

Horseshoe Tattoo Symbolism

Horseshoe Symbolic Meaning

Horseshoe symbolism: Luck, Protection, Power, Safe journeying, Well grounded, Magic, Happy returns, Winning, Success

Horseshoe were first design to protect horse's hooves and over time people of European descent began to consider the horseshoe symbolic of luck and protection to humans too.

Horseshoe that is facing open end up symbolizes good luck and protection because the luck is held in the curve of the shoe and can not run out. So a horseshoe pointing down represents all your luck running out.

Celtic / European viewed an upwards pointing horseshoe as a crescent moon.

Associated with the horseshoe being seen as the moon the horseshoes also symbolizes:
 Magic, mystery, intuition and travel in dreams.

Moon represented horseshoes can also symbolize: protection during travel at night and protection when traveling dark spiritual paths.

They can also represent a human soul's journey through life. 

Of course the horseshoe also symbolizes winning and success in reference to horse racing, betting, and winning in games of chance.

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