Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fire Tattoo Symbolism

Fire Symbolism Meanings

Meanings of fire: Power, Passion, Heat, Desire, Consumption, Energy, Transformation, Vitality, Sensuality

Fire when used as a way to convey the idea of conversion and transformation as nothing comes away from fire unchanged. Fire changes everything in its path. Fire changes the structure, function, appearance and even chemical compositions of everything it touches. 

When the Phoenix is utterly consumed in flame it reemerges from its own ashes, transformed, renewed and purified.

Purification is a big symbolic bi-product of fire. Sterilization, cleansing, often even baptism concepts are associated with fire.

Many ancient cultures held fire as a symbol of home. Fire is also used as a symbol of keeping community together.

Fire can represent our passions, sexually as well as spiritually. Flames are depicted in ancient art as a representation of deep love and burning desire. 

Astrological: the three fire signs of the western zodiac are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. they represent a personality with a fiery passion.

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