Saturday, March 3, 2012

Heart Tattoo Symbolism

Symbolism of Hearts

Heart Tattoo Meanings: Love, Acceptance, Central, Whole, Vitality, Friendship, Compassion, Spirituality, Honor, Sacred, Emotion, Courage, Life, Hope, Passion, Luck, Faith, Trust

Heart typically represent love, friendship and can commemorate our feelings of adoration. 

The heart is a vessel holding the pure potential of love. In Tarot the suit of cups / hearts  is associated with love, intuition, emotion and passion.

The heart also symbolizes procreation; creating something unique and divine like the birth of a child .

Hearts can also represent a deep spiritual love.

Hearts with feathers are representative of the weighing of the soul ritual performed by Egyptians during mummification. Anubis weighed the heart against the weight of a feather. If the heart was lighter than a feather, then the spirit of the deceased was light enough to ascend through the Corridors of Judgment. This is symbolic of purity in spirit, integrity and a soul worthy of progressing into the Afterlife.

In Buddhism, the heart is associated with the Dharmacakra; the Wheel of Law the heart represents the perfection of the Universe. It also symbolizes mindfulness, spiritual devotion and compassion.

In Christianity the heart continues its theme of love and unity. 

The Sacred Heart  is symbolic of the capacity of Christ's compassion - a symbol of his belief in the potential of brotherly/sisterly love. It is an icon that reminds people to keep the fire of the soul tended even in times of adversity.

Hearts with arrows through the heart represent lasting love in when love is faced with hardship. They  also symbolize Cupids arrow piercing the heart thus forever joining lovers together.

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