Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mermaid Tattoo Symbolism

Mermaid Symbolism

Mermaid Symbolism: Seductive, Alluring, Feminine, Emotional, Tempestuous, Wild, Intuitive, Reflective, Enchanting, Free, Fluid, Sensual, Elusive, Knowing

In legend Mermaids are known for being unpredictable , and tempestuous. In their ocean home, mermaids are never be bound to what is normal. 

Mermaids are known for their enchanting singing.

She is said to use her looks and voice to lure unsuspecting souls to sea. A few reasons for a mermaid luring seafarers could be to offer refuge, salvation or pleasure, perhaps she could be offering death?

Because Mermaids are an intregal part of the ocean and the ocean is connected energetically with the moon so then is the mermaid. In many old stories of mermaids were often shown with mirrors - a symbol of the moon. 

Mermaids symbolize sensuality,

Celtic & European believed Mermaids had a deep psychic connection because the water element symbolizes: Dreaming, Intuition, Emotion, Deeper Knowing. 

Mermaids know the deep and darker parts of the soul. The same way the sea holds unknown mysteries, so do our own psyche's - legend points to mermaids being able to see clear to the core of a human.

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