Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eagle Tattoo Symbolism

What is the symbolism behind your eagle tattoo

Eagle Symbolizes: Authority, Nobility, Intelligence, Purity, Ascension, Victory, Strength, Messenger, Power, Force, Focus, Drive, Determination, Endurance, Faith, Resurrection, Sovereignty, Vitality, Expansion, Limitlessness, Fearlessness, Purity, Willpower, Clarity

The symbolic theme of power is pervasive with eagles, as with eagle tattoo ideas. In almost every culture and philosophy the eagle is a magnificent creature of purity, beauty and powerful force.

Some Native American Indian tribes of North American viewed the eagle as the Thunder bird, and deemed it a messenger of the heavens. It delivered important messages to mankind from the spirits of the winds and skies.

In reality, eagles are master of air - and their vision is remarkably accurate. This is symbolic of having clear vision ourselves. If you are determined to a commitment of clear focus the eagle tattoo is a proper choice.

Eagles are considered solar animals by countless cultures, so their symbolism will be connected to: Vitality, life, health, energy and provision.

Eagles also have fatherly connotations that play nicely with authority, control, guardianship and watching protectively over the family unit.

If you're aiming for military or victory themes with your eagle tattoo, you can take the cue from Persia, Rome, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Poland, United States, Austria, and Napoleonic France. All of these nations have adopted the eagle at some point to signify superiority, authority and righteous domain.

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