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Shamrock and Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Symbolism

    Shamrock Symbolism   

Symbolic shamrock meaning got its most popular reputation in Ireland around the fifth century. During this time Saint Patrick was going about the business of introducing and establishing Christianity among the people.

St. Patrick must have understood this as legend indicates he utilized the three leafed clover as an illustration of the Christian holy trinity. Each leaf representing: Father, Son, Holy Ghost
The three portrusions may also be symbolic of the three theological virtues found in first Corinthians 13:13 - Faith, Love, Hope

This spiritual teaching tool caught on and spread amongst the community because to this day the symbolic shamrock meaning is iconic of St. Patrick and his spiritual passion. The symbolic meaning of clover may deal with spiritual development, but the use of the clover's trefoil growth might not have been original to Saint Patrick.

Ancient Celts revered the clover because of the trinity of its leaves too. These people had a deep understanding of their connection with nature, and had a myriad of powerful beliefs based on triads, as we see in the triskelion, triple spiral, triquetra, Druid marks, and various knot-work illustrated by the artists of the time. The occurrence of three's, depending on how they were depicted, indicated aspects of goddesses, gods, time, and balance of energies pertaining to the triple mark.

The clover was seen as a substantial food source for livestock which lent attributes of abundance, provision, and nurturing to the list of symbolic shamrock meaning.

Furthering the symbolism of abundance, clover growth is prolific with very little provocation. This would have indicated stability, expanse and fecundity to the Celts and their ilk.


The notorious four-leaf clover is still considered a good luck symbol today because of its rarity. 

Each leaf symbolizes a different lucky characteristic: Respect, , Wealth, Love, Health

From a spiritual perspective, the four-leaf clover may represent the same divine triune as the one prescribed by Saint Patrick: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost with the fourth leaf symbolizing man or humanity. Therefore the presence of this fourth leaf (mankind) signifies redemption.
Meaning of clover and shamrocks deals with growth, financial gain, success, good health and achievement. 
Largely due to its color, as green is typically a brain trigger for refinement, wellness and satisfaction. The smell of clover is sweet, and studies have shown it induces a feeling of calm - this is also adds to the symbolism of attainment and contentment associated with shamrocks.

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