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Chain Tattoo Symbolism

Chain Tattoo Meanings

Some Key Meanings Behind Chain Tattoos: Remembrance, Communication, Duty, Honor, Sacrifice, Unity, Command, Confinement, Oppression, Enslavement, Imprisonment, Limitation, Bondage, Brotherhood , Linked, Liberation (broken chain), Freedom (broken chain)

Chain tattoos can be are extremely powerful because they deal with issues of freedom and bondage. And, any time we talk about freedom we're talking about human rights which strikes at the core of every human heart beat.

Broken chains symbolize liberation from a challenging time in life, having been set free from a terrible burden. Representative of freedom from bondage - or the removal of a heavy weight upon your heart.

Unbroken chains may convey the feeling of limitation, being enslaved, or imprisoned. In Prison chain tattoos are very common with an extra link added for every year served.

A chain tattoo idea may also symbolize honouring a bond of service or duty, conveying a feeling of sacrifice. For example, if you have served in the military, you may have felt bound (chained) to a code of honor. There is no choice but to serve your country - but your heart may feel chained because of the pain and sacrifice this duty brings. Chains in a military sense can also symbolize rank and office (ie: chain of command).

Chains can symbolize an eternal connection with an ideal or a loved one. A linked chain symbolizes marriage because of the immortal connection soul-mates share. In this light, the chain stands for eternal love - especially in marriage.

A golden chain shows up in medieval Christian art as a symbol of divine connection. Alternatively, chains also take on an oppressive tone, especially when depicted with demonic or devilish imagery. In this light, chains are symbolic of being defeated by base/materialistic desires.

In ancient Celtic symbolism a chain is shown trailing down from the tongue of the Celtic god Ogmios and it rain to the ears of his followers. This symbolizes the mesmerizing power of Ogmios' words, and his effectiveness to capture his listeners attention.

In religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, a chain is sometimes used to represent thechain of karma. Karma is the action of life going through its cycles. 

The term "breaking the chain of karma" refers to changing bad habits (breaking weak links) to liberate oneself from living out undesirable karma in their next life.

Chains can also be a symbol of friendship. More specifically, chains convey a sense of incredible strength and a joining together of a bond that can withstand all tests of time and hardship.
Some keywords to consider as you contemplate chain tattoo ideas:

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