Saturday, March 3, 2012

Angel Tattoo Symbolism

What does your Angel Tattoo Signify

Key Meanings: Trust, Hope, Power, Messages, Faith, Divinity, Purity, Innocence, Warrior, Courage, Love

Angel tattoos often symbolize the relationship between heaven and earth. Traditionally, angels are seen as messengers between the divine beings (the god of your understanding or higher power ) and humans.

Many angel tattoo ideas are memorial or guardianship of our loved ones. These guardian angels are called to protect and guide our loved ones and ourselves.

Angels in tattoos also symbolize power, courage and victory. 

Throughout history, angels have always represented great determination, amazing skills and courage in heavenly battle. Archangel Michael is the ultimate warrior,  his image is used to express strength in the face of adversity especially spiritual strength.

Angel tattoos can also signify deep, unwavering faith. 

Angels are guardians and watchers - they are forever observing, helping maintain and guiding. They are forever with us and there to give us strength 

Angel tattoos are also a testimony to your faith to help keep you focused on the light of Spirit.

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