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Anchor Tattoo Symbolism

Symbolic Anchor Tattoo Ideas

Some Anchor Tattoo Meanings: Hope, Safety, Fidelity, Stability, Security, Salvation, Good Luck, Steadfastness, Ocean/Sea/Waters

The anchor tattoo has long been a symbol of love for the open waters.

An anchor tattoo symbolism is a common among US military branches specializing in sea duty (Navy, Coast Guard, Marines). It identifies a man / woman with the sea, and a branch of military - it therefore labels him/her with a code of protection, honor, duty and devotion to a greater cause.

Anchor tattoos were common with  pirates showing a permanent connection with the sea. There are tales that anchor pirate tattoos were a way to convey that they spent lots of time in the brig too. This makes sense as the anchor is symbolic of "being stopped" 

An anchor tattoo also symbolizes someone who has crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

A love for boating, the call of the sea and even a memorial of someone who held a deep love for the sea.

There are many designs of anchors, an the design of your anchor tattoo will tell a lot about your personal intentions in getting an anchor tattoo.

      Some anchor tattoos honor the harmony between male and female. The crescent (the part along the bottom of the anchor) symbolizes the female "yin", the vertical rod is symbolizes male "yang" energy.
       Ancient Egyptian art shows gender in the anchor too. An anchor that shows a skiff or a boat as the lower half of the anchor representing the "female" the curve of woman, the crescent of moon. And, a snake composing the upper half of the anchor, as the vertical mast - would be the "male" factor . Together, these two design symbolize creation.
       In Renaissance art, anchors are often shown with  a dolphin. Thus symbolizing the balance of speed with resistance. The dolphin symbolizes speed and carefree direction, while the anchor symbolizes remaining grounded and stable. Combined, these two symbols encourage a balance between quick action and sound judgment.
        In Freemason art and symbolism the anchor is sometimes replaced with Jacob's ladder. Then the anchor tattoo represents attainment and ascension.
        Anchors with a pitchfork look to them can be an artistic tribute to various sea deities. 
Such as the following sea gods and goddesses:

  Neptune - was a Roman sea god, who was a storm-maker and earth-shaker

  Amphitrite - was the Greek sea goddess and nymph, who protects sailors and gives birth to dolphins

  Poseidon - was the temperamental Greek sea god, rebel with a pitchfork and a cause to protect all inhabitants of the sea

  Triton - was the Greek sea god who is half-man, half-fish. With a blow of his conch, waters can be calm or tempestuous

  Rán - was the Old Norse sea goddess, her appearance was marked by her tugging on anchors - this was an omen of bad weather and/or tumultuous seas

  Varuna - was the Hindu god of the oceans who had the power to make noble humans immortals. Those who died at sea were assigned into his care

Anchor tattoos can also be tied to Christian symbolism. Most anchors have a top-bar that looks like a cross, and so goes back to the traditional Christian idea of salvation and sacrifice. This was very useful during unstable times when abiding by Christian faith was risky. During these times, an anchor was used as a symbol instead of the cross to identify oneself as a Christian in a secretive way.

An anchor is dropped  to gain stability on rough waters - this symbolizes an anchored faith. Hebrews 6:19 says: "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." in reference to the consistency of Gods unwavering presence in the hearts of men.


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