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Koi Fish Symbolism

Koi Fish Symbolism

Koi Fish Meanings: Determination, Aspiration, Bravery,Perseverance, Success, Luck, Excellence,Good fortune, Willpower, Transformation, Intelligence, Diligence

Koi is actually a carp or sturgeon. Chinese legend says that strong / proud koi who swim upstream because of the promise of being transformed into a magnificent dragon.These courageous koi fought against raging currents of the Lung Men / Dragon's Gate on the Yellow River. Legend says these determined fish showed excellence and brave-heartedness in their desire to become dragons.
     What's more, their very hard upstream battle to become dragons was even more challenging because only during the third full moon of each year could this transformation take place. A very small window of opportunity, however to a willing few, the promise of change from a lowly fish to magnificent dragon was worth the risk.

Koi meanings can also represent: intelligence, and in Chinese symbolism they represent academic success, scholarly pursuits and high intellect / learning .

Other Koi fish symbolism: 
Gold Koi = wealth and prosperity, 
Platinum or Silvery Koi = success in business
Black Koi = most likely to cross Lung Men and win transformation into dragons. Symbolic of success after a change.
White Koi = advancement in social settings (career and family).
Red Koi = success in love and romance.

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