Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scorpion Tattoo Meanings

Symbolic Scorpion Meanings

Protection, Rebellion, Attachment, Retaliation, Aggression, Power, Warning, Mystery, Energy, Transition, Calculated, Stealth, Healing, Logic, Survival, Mysticism, Resilience, Guardianship, Self-defense, Altered perception

Death as associated with the scorpion means a time of transition from one phase of life into another.
So the scorpion is a symbol of freedom from beliefs about death.

Egyptians believed one life ending was means to begin another life in the Afterworld, the scorpion was a powerful guardian to the ancient Egyptians.
The scorpion was an attribute of the goddess Selket who was the guardian of transitioning souls. Selket also protected canopic jars and various rituals of the mummification process that insured transition from one life to the next.

In African lore, the scorpion is associated with life and death too. The sting of a scorpion was said to have immense healing abilities and because of this creature was greatly honored. It was also highly respected because one sting could also prove lethal.

Scorpion stings can also trigger hallucinogenic effects, in this light, the scorpion sting is a means for reaching altered states of consciousness. This puts scorpion tattoos in the psychedelic category - a place of limitless perception. Also due to its hallucination rendering stings as shamans could utilize their venom for spirit journeying.

 Scorpions live in brutally harsh environments. This makes the scorpion a symbol of victory over adversity.

Scorpions are also associated with the sun. Scorpion tattoos will have sun-like qualities including: Energy, Vitality, Clarity, Focus and Radiance.

The scorpion is a representation of the zodiac sign of Scorpio, and in this context a scorpion tattoo will convey attributes of: Boldness, Dynamism, Mystical Power, Secretiveness and Seduction.

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