Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moon Tattoo Symbolism


What do moon tattoos mean: Dreams, Intuition, Feminine Power, Divine Light, Shadow, Magic, Purity, Subtle Strength, Sensuality, Mysticism, Cycles/Time, Subtle Energy, Mystery, Influence, Eternity, Fertility

All of life is touched and affected by the moon, especially night life. 

Mushrooms sweat, ocean rise and fall to the phases of the moon.

The moon affirms life. It looks as if it is constantly changing, and can reminds us of the inconsistency of life. It is also symbolizes the continuous circular nature of time and even karma. Karma moves in a big circle what comes around goes around. The moon reminds us of the never ending process of recycling and regeneration.

Moon tattoos are tied to a female's cycles. The moon is symbolic of feminine power and fertility. Many goddesses in myth are shown with the moon to convey hidden power, secret wisdom and subtle influences.

Men feel the lunar pull too!
Some Native American tribes, Japanese, the Maori, African give the moon a male gender. The moon is a major influence in hunting cultures and in these realms we see male deities, lunar gods. I

Alchemical: The moon coincides with the qualities of silver - a purifying, clarifying energy. Reflective. Strong, yet workable.

Archetypal: The moon is the "Queen of Heaven"...goddess, mother, lover, priestess.

Taoism: The moon is yin, and referred to as the "eye that shines through the darkness" - this is symbolic of illumined vision of a spiritual/enlightened nature.

Egyptian: The moon is often linked to Isis, also known as the Queen of the Heavens.

Native American: Depending the tribe, there are legends of the Great Woman beaming in the moon, she is eternal, and always watching over her children (or creation) with objective knowing.

Totemic: The moon calls to many animals, and you might find moon tattoo inspiration from her many suitors in the animal kingdom. Any animals with horns will be associated with the moon, like goats - their crescent horns reminiscent of the crescent moon, symbolic of cycles, fertility.

 Most nocturnal creatures are lunar affiliated too. Rabbits, toads, cats, bats, spiders,  ....all great partners to moon energies.


  1. I never know much about moon tattoo.I have read your article carefully. Thanks for your nice article.

    1. Your welcome thank you for stopping in at our blog glad it was helpful

  2. Ive really been wanting a cresent moon tattoo for a while now and I wanted to make there weren't any weird meanings behind is before I got it on my body and this article just made up my mind. thank you<3


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