Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cloud Tattoo Symbolism

Symbolic Meaning for Cloud Tattoos

Some meanings of Cloud tattoos: Mystery, Illusion, Dreams, Intuition, Culmination, Secrets, Potential, Emotional, Epiphany, Revelation

Roman mythology depicted clouds as the homes of the gods. Clouds always shrouded Mount Olympus, home of the gods, and so thus they became linked with divine dwelling places . Also clouds were believed to be an accumulation of godly messages. Storm clouds signalled bad news & light-bright fluffy clouds were carriers of much more hopeful messages.

In Chinese symbolism, clouds represent transition and transformation. Clouds seen in ancient Chinese art often represent the process of transformation from primitive to ascended or spiritual. This path to soulful evolution is as transitory and unpredictable as the clouds themselves. 

Hindu and Tibetan perspectives about clouds reveal concepts of transition too - but in more of a temporary way. In this view, clouds are symbolic of impermanence. If you're into zen, a cloud tattoo feature might be the perfect way to convey your devotion to impermanence, and your understanding of detachment.

Clouds contain both air and water. Air represens the realms of the mind (thought and mentality). Water represents emotion, intuition and the psyche. conveying a message of  balancing emotion with intellect. Clouds hold rain, and this is an ancient symbol of fertility, abundance and prosperity.

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