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Frog Tattoo Symbolism

Frog Tattoo Ideas

Frog Symbolism: Transformation, Good luck, Sensitivity, Perceptive, Renewal, Intuitive

Frogs are like little evolutional miracles their one life-cycle representing the whole of evolution

In just 12 weeks, a frog moves from an all-water environment to a life as a both land and water dweller. It's gills used in its underwater life are replaced with the lungs as an adult. The little tail it had to aid its swimming as a little tadpole drops off in adulthood. Some terrifically incredible transformations take place for a frog.

A frog is symbolic of very large and profound transitions within the persons life.

The frog proves that transformation will lead to liberation.
The frogs transformation allows it to experience and live in two worlds. Through self-evolution the frog is victorious in both water and land thus symbolizing adaptation.

Ancient Egyptians viewed the frog as the sacred symbol of birth and resurrection. The frog-headed goddess named Heket was present all new births, and was believed to exhale the breath of new life into the nostrils of every newborn Egyptian child.

Change is a common theme of water and a frog's environment is mostly water, thus the frog symbolizes the attributes of water: Intuition, Emotion, Fluidity, Change, Purification

Frogs come in a many colours, most often green symbolizing new growth, good health and wealth.
Green is also the colour of the heart chakra, which nurtures love and health. Green is the colour of new life that happens in the spring time , pointing to abundant growth and harvest. Green is also symbolic of income in agriculture.

Native Americans recognized the life cycles of the frog, along with its watery world and the colour of its skin. Seen symbolized in Native wisdom. The frog symbolizes purification in many Native American tribes. 

Aztecs and Mayans associated the frog with rains and as a result agricultural success . To them, the frog brought rain. Legend even says the frog was thought of as a rain-maker thus symbolizing life and the continuation of life.

In China and Japan the frogs are considered good luck. The frog is said to be a companion to world-travelers, and will give travelers the best of luck in all their journeys.

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